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    Peak content is a reality.

    We're here to help you climb up 

    and over it

    How do you find the information, analysis and commentary that helps you make sense of the issues and events shaping the world?

    For many of us the answer used to be a trusted paper or its website. It may still be.

    But it's more likely to be via social media or messaging or email. We like social.

    But it's noisy, time-consuming and often full of, well, other stuff like cats and other people's kids. (We like kids, too.)

    The truth is, many of us don't have time for a daily read. And yet we're reaching peak content — information overload.

    There is just so much stuff. Of course, there IS great stuff out there. You just have to find it.

    That's why we curate the journalists who excite, entice and illuminate — the ones with the sharpest minds and the quickest wits. The ones who'll help you make informed decisions. 

    That's what Clevr is about.

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    Edition #1 February 26 2016

    Trump, Sanders and the American way of voting. Featuring the work of Benjamin Wallace-Wells, Luke Brinker, Janet Hook, Philip Bump, Ezra Klein and David Wasserman.

    Edition #2 March 1 2016

    Super Chooseday: what happened and what next. Featuring the work of Evan Halper, Aaron Blake, Tory Newmyer, Rick Klein, Nate Silver and Joseph W McQuaid, with assistance from Politico and Vox.

    Edition #3 March 9 2016

    Just keep bingeing: Frank and Claire Underwood’s perfect timing
    featuring the work of Arin Keeble, Sonia Saraiya, Megan Garber, Seth Masket, Danielle Kurtzleben and Charles Sizemore, with assistance from Quora.

    Edition #4 March 18 2016

    Islamic extremism, Trump's global threat and Bronwyn Bishop: my part in her rise

    featuring the works of Aatish Taseer, Phillip Bump, Michael Grunwald, David Leser, Charles P Pierce, Simon Heffer and Douglas E Schoen


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    No one ever became a journalist to be loved, not even those guys with the perfect hair and ready smiles who were always destined to present the news (or the weather) on TV. When you were going to have a career sticking it to The Man, that didn’t matter. Being on the outer gave you an inner glow....
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